Erbil Campus Of Technical University Of Ostrava


ERBIL — During a ceremony which was attended by several officials, the Czech Ostrava Technical University opened a branch in Erbil.

“I’m delighted to be here with you on behalf of the KRG Department of Foreign Relations to celebrate together the inauguration of the VSB-Technical University of Ostrava here in Erbil,” Kurdistan Region Foreign Minister Falah Mustafa said.

“KRG views academic exchange as a key pillar of its public diplomacy. Through academic and educational exchange we intend to increase the mutual understanding between the peoples of the Kurdistan Region and other nations.”

Calling the opening of the university as a “milestone” in bilateral ties and cultural exchange, Mustafa said it was “a special occasion as we are here together in a post war phase taking on the responsibility of working to enrich and expedite the recovery process and to further nurture the academic environment of our region.”

Kurdistan Region’s Minister of Higher Education, Yousif Goran, also delivered a speech, during which he welcomed the new development in educational partnership between Erbil and Prague.

He noted that the Ostrava Technical University is ranked among the best educational institutions in the world, and opening a branch of the university in Erbil would significantly help the higher education in the Kurdistan Region.