About us

About GGE

Who we are?

Galiawa Group Education (GGE) company is a company that works in the field of educational services, it was founded in (2016) and has a lot of accomplishments in the past years. Annually we send more than 250-500 students to study undergraduate and graduate levels outside Iraq: Turkey , Cyprus ,Jorden ,Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia we represent approximately twenty (20) Universities and many other international Universities in other Countries.

Galiawa Group Education  is acting as a coordinator between students wishing to study outside Iraq and universities, we have representatives in many cities and countries:

  • Sulaimaniyah

  • Duhok

  • Baghdad

  • Cyprus

  • Georgia

  • Turkey

  • South Africa

  • Jordan

Galiawa Group Education have helps you to find a scholarship also to study Higher Education Degree’s.